Bahamas Masqueraders Caribbean Carnival Tour Kicks Off in Atlanta

Bahamas Masqueraders will be spending the next few months traveling the world with our branded artists and DJs during our Caribbean Carnival tour. Summer 2016 looks bright for the Bahamas Masqueraders. Kicking off their Caribbean Carnival tour in Atlanta, GA  Saturday, May 28 in collaboration with the Atlanta Junkanoo Group during the 28th Annual Atlanta Caribbean Carnival. […]

#PhotReCap Bahamas Masqueraders Road Fever 2016

Bahamas Masqueraders Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bahamas Masqueraders is a family to say the least. We celebrate, struggle and work together as a unit. The concept of #theWinnersCircle goes beyond accolades. The winners circle can be explained as a euphoric feeling of freedom coupled with passion and drive. [row] [column span=”6″] Saturday, May 7, 2016 the 2016 Soca Monarch, Voice joined the […]

Casting Call Good Feelings Video Shoot

Bahamas Masqueraders Entertainment Division

Calling all Bahamas Masqueraders and Bahamas Carnival Groups alike! We need your support. ‪#‎BahMas‬ artist Be (Bodine) will be shooting her video for “Good Feelings” Saturday, April 9th at Island FM on Dowdeswell Street. Call time is 3pm, shoot starts at 4pm. Please wear your Carnival Mas Band T-Shirt in support. Thank you from ‪#‎TheWinnersCircle‬ […]