Bahamas Masqueraders Enchanted Miami Carnival Costume

The award winning Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Mas Band, Bahamas Masqueraders have their eyes set on the world. October 2017 join the band in Miami for the debut of their first international section showcase. Playing with The Wassi One’s Mas Band under the theme “She’s Magic” #BahMas presents ENCHANTED! Costumes start at $300 and packages start at […]

#PhotReCap Bahamas Masqueraders Road Fever 2016

Bahamas Masqueraders Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bahamas Masqueraders is a family to say the least. We celebrate, struggle and work together as a unit. The concept of #theWinnersCircle goes beyond accolades. The winners circle can be explained as a euphoric feeling of freedom coupled with passion and drive. [row] [column span=”6″] Saturday, May 7, 2016 the 2016 Soca Monarch, Voice joined the […]

Bahamas Masqueraders Brand Ambassadors

Bahamian beauty and talent. Meet Valdeanna Bain, Rhodesia Johnson, Ashley Hamilton  and Vandia Sands. These are the National and Caribbean  Brand Ambassadors for the Bahamas Masqueraders, Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Mas Band. Visit and follow our brand on all social platforms for appearance information and Mas Band activities.  Become a part of #TheWinnersCircle today by signing our visitors log. Book your ticket […]