Seas the Day

Seas the Day


  • Female backline (preferred)$300
  • Premium (Mid) $450
  • platinum (frontline) $650
  • Male $300

Bahamas Masqueraders 2017 Costumes Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival

Pacific Passion

Bahamas masqueraders 2017 Seas the Moment (Pacific Passion)Great Kings and Queens of Carnival, feed your insatiable passion in the section

reserved for those with a soca thirst that is larger than life. Follow the BahMas

Big Truck to your desert oasis and leave Road Fever feeling quenched! Go Big

or Go Home!


Splash Obsession

Bahamas Masqueraders 2017 Seas the Moment (Splash Obsession) Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Clarion call for those obsessed with life, love, laughter and, a feeling of release!

In this section, play mas with abandon, laugh like no one can hear you, wine

like it’s the last wine – go on, we dare you! But beware, there is no cure and no

antidote for an obsession with the BahMas life!


Current Envy

Bahamas Masqueraders 2017 Sea the Moment (Current Envy)This grass is definitely greener! There can only be one ruler that commands the

road and makes no apologies for being the best. Breathtakingly beautiful and

carefree, oblivious to the longing eyes watching. You can’t beat them… so

join them.


Sheer Mist

Bahamas Masqueraders 2017 Seas the Moment (Sheer Mist)Isn’t it amazing how just a faint drizzle, can leave you feeling so wet? These

Masqueraders are soft but powerful, beautiful to see yet hard to hold, and when

they chip in mass, burning flames cannot stop them! Captivating…. it’s the one

you always wanted…..


Artic Allure

Bahamas Masqueraders 2017 Seas the Moment (Artic Allure)Let the vibes intoxicate you, let the tantric sounds pound in your chest, be

engulfed by the artistic expression of body mind and soul which is in the heart

of a Carnivalist. These Masqueraders will lure you in with their

mesmerizing bodies of both beauty and grace.

Bahamas Masqueraders

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