#PhotoReCap Saturday, Jan. 30 2016 Costume Launch Party

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DJ Barvo| Epic Forealz |Mighty Pencil | DJ Ming

Bahamas Masqueraders Artist
Benji | Bodine | Khiara Sherman | Wendi


The  2016 Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival  theme Guanahani

Guanahani is an island in the Bahamas that was the first land in the New World sighted and visited by Christopher Columbus’ first voyage, on October 12, 1492. Guanahani is the native Taíno name; Columbus called it San Salvador.

This year’s theme embodies the rich history of the Bahamas and Caribbean combined with indigenous products embedded in the crafting of the costumes.

Join us  May 5-7, in Nassau, Bahamas for Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival.