#BusinessSpotlight Pat & Dot Production #TheWinnersCircle

Our 2016 Costume section “The Spaniards” are produced by Pat & Dot Production using straw material and other indigenous products. The Spaniards section is the only floating section this year that can be customized to fit with any of our other section color schemes. Male costumes are $300 and Female costumes are $400. You can add additional accessories at […]

#PhotoReCap Saturday, Jan. 30 2016 Costume Launch Party

Check out Bahamas Masqueraders Official DJs DJ Barvo| Epic Forealz |Mighty Pencil | DJ Ming Bahamas Masqueraders Artist Benji | Bodine | Khiara Sherman | Wendi #TheWinnersCircle The  2016 Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival  theme Guanahani Guanahani is an island in the Bahamas that was the first land in the New World sighted and visited by Christopher Columbus’ first […]

#DJMixes: BringYaAss (BYA) by DJ Bravo

Bahamas Masqueraders DJ Barvo - BringYaAss #SocaMix

Don’t think about it, be about it. New mix by Bahamas Masqueraders official DJ, DJ Bravo http://diradiocast.com/diuploads/BringYaAss_mastered.mp3 [button_two style=” blue” href=”http://diradiocast.com/diuploads/BringYaAss_mastered.mp3″ icon=” download”]Download[/button_two] #TheWinnersCircle

Bahamas Masqueraders 2016 Theme Song

Bahamas Masqueraders theme song cover

Bahamas Masqueraders  2016 theme song. [button_two style=” blue” href=”http://bahamasmasqueraders.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Bahamas-Masqueraders-theme-song.mp3″ icon=”download”]Download[/button_two] Produced by: Benjamin Alexander > Written by: Benjamin Alexander,Emmanuel Rudder and Rosel Moxey > Recorded at Got Stykz Music Studio, The Bahamas > Mixed by Benjamin Alexander and Frederick Seymour > Mastered by: Mad Men, Trinidad